Classicism Meets Minimalism in a Gracious St Petersburg Studio

IMG 1 TT Architect and interior designer&nbspNatalia Ozerova&nbspuses thick slabs of bas relief try to shape a stylish space. IMG 2 TT Lovely bas relief operate in faux stone can be used throughout each room. IMG 3 TT The very modulated colour pattern all around the ecru bas relief includes a calming effect. IMG 4 […]

Scrumptious Cedar Treehouse is a French Spa Retreat

IMG 1 TT The Cabane & Spa treehouse&nbspis literally inside a treehouse. IMG 2 TT A tree, a cabin, an aspiration&#8230 IMG 3 TT Natural cedar plank getaway is incorporated in the Midi-Pyr&eacuten&eacutees region in southern France, 31 miles north of Toulouse. IMG 4 TT Its freshly starched white-colored sheets, linen drapes and warm cedar […]

Product Of The Week: Yoda Magic Bookend

Believe to help keep you books in position compared to pure Yoda magic? IMG 1 TT$33IMG 2 TTBUY IT IMG 3 TT$33IMG 4 TTBUY IT Get it on Amazon. Also Suggested:&nbsp 50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers The Ultimate Star Wars Home Decor Mega-List Related Posts: IMG 5 TT Bedrooms Bookshelves: 22 Inspirational Examples For […]

The Re-Style Of A Luxury Villa

Elegant white-colored furniture stands clean against textured stone and rustic wooden backdrops within this re-styled luxury rental property in Cap Martinet, Ibiza. Our prime-finish interior, visualised by Tabarq, is illuminated with a contemporary lighting plan of recessed track LEDs and sculptural pendant lights. Design includes an airy open plan primary room that spills out onto […]

3 Home Interiors With Modern Elegance

Elegant home interiors don&rsquot need to be stiff and stuffy. Elegance could be coupled with a brand new modern flavour to provide a location that is filled with personality. Take these 3 interiors for instance they’re infused with chic elegance and class but each their very own contemporary twist. Home design number 1 takes us […]

How Gratitude Journaling Can Boost Your Mood and Change Your Life

&ldquoGratitude unlocks the fullness of existence. It turns what we should have into enough, and much more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to buy, confusion to clearness. It may turn meals right into a feast, a home right into a home, a complete stranger right into a friend.&rdquo ~Tune Beattie A couple of years […]

Pantry Progress — Ten Down, Two In The Works, Eight To Go

I don&#8217t determine if y&#8217all are becoming fed up with my daily updates yet, but I will tell you this whole accountability factor is simply precisely what I desired. Understanding that in the finish of each and every day, I&#8217m going to need to give y&#8217all an update on which I&#8217ve really accomplished (or unsuccessful […]

Designing Your Home with Self-Care in Mind

Self-care is trending. However it&#8217s not only another hot subject that’ll be here today and gone tomorrow. Taking proper care of ourselves is, possibly, more valuable than ever before. Within our digital world with near-constant stimuli, it requires diligence to slow lower and appearance along with ourselves. Failing to do this leaves us feeling unhappy […]

How I Learned to Stop Pushing So Hard and Enjoy the Moment

&ldquoLife is really a balance between what we should can control and just what we can’t. I’m understanding how to live between effort and surrender.&rdquo ~Danielle Orner More than a year ago, I boarded an airplane and located myself around the beautiful beaches of southeast Asia. My dream ended up being to travel the planet, […]