Be Sure To Remember The Middle

If you’re doing a years-long remodel like I am, it’s easy to forget the journey and only focus on the end products. The problem with that is that it becomes easy to forget all the work you’ve done, and to get down on yourself for not getting enough done. That’s easy for me to do […]

Three Enviable Industrial Style Interiors

Three industrial style interiors with three distinctly different approaches. Interior design number one is a bright and sunny two bed guest house with a concrete and copper coloured living room, and a luxury spa building a breezy holiday vibe. Interior number two is an industrial style home enriched with an upscale classic cosiness and modern […]

Music Room Updates – Teal Bookcases & A Chandelier Swap

As you may have predicted, I decided to paint my music room bookcases all teal. It’s what I wanted to try, and then when the majority of you (much to my surprise) said to go for it, I finally had the courage to try. And I absolutely love it!! I finished last night, and was […]

C.O.P. Week 1 – A Massive Purge, A Clean House

As I mentioned yesterday, my first week of COPing my house has been hugely successful. (C.O.P. = cleaning, organizing, purging, i.e., my goal for this year). If you’d like to read about the genesis of this C.O.P. goal, you can read about that here. Not only have I made some major headway in clearing out […]

Music Room Bookcases – Three Options (Opinions, Please!)

As you know, I’ve been COPing the heck out of my house this week. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read more here and here.) And during this process, I’ve uncovered many books and decorative items that have been packed away for a while now. Well, one of the items […]

Creating Daring Decor With Contrasting Colour Schemes

Forget faded colour schemes, come revel in hot red and orange accented decor that’s smashed up against lime green, turquoise, yellow, powder blue and pink hero furniture pieces. Each of these four modern home interiors have raucous colour running between expanses of neutral tones, to air out the playful notes. A spray of natural greenery […]

For My Fellow Slobs, Pack Rats & Procrastinators…

Y’all, this has been the absolute best start to a new year that I’ve had in many years! I know some of you are wondering when the fun projects are going to start, and I promise that they’re coming. I plan to start in the guest bedroom with building the closets. Then I’ll move on […]

The Pros and Cons of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are different from gasoline generators, though they’re often thought to be interchangeable by those who don’t know the difference. What are the pros and cons of diesel generators? The Points in Favor of Diesel Generators Diesel generators need far less maintenance than gas generators. They don’t have spark plugs or carburetors. Then you’re […]

What should you look for in new windows?

Perhaps your home energy bills are depressingly high, and the energy audit says the problem is due to your windows. Maybe the issue is that your windows are fogging up. Cracks in the glass, leaks around the seals and who knows what else is causing them to let in moisture and interfere in your vision. […]

My Tree Trimming Service Nightmare

Y’all, have I got a story to tell you! Now before I start, let me just say that if I were to share every single one of my bad customer service experiences with you, that’s all this blog would be. I’m sure you’ve noticed, as I have, that customer service is a thing of the […]