Music Room Updates – Teal Bookcases & A Chandelier Swap

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music room with teal bookcases - 4

As you may have predicted, I decided to paint my music room bookcases all teal. It’s what I wanted to try, and then when the majority of you (much to my surprise) said to go for it, I finally had the courage to try. And I absolutely love it!! I finished last night, and was excited to get up this morning to take pictures to show you. Unfortunately, I woke up to the absolute dreariest day imaginable. It’s like I woke up in Oregon on a gray, drizzly winter day with not a ray of sunlight to be seen. *Sigh* Oh well. I’m still going to show you how it turned out, but it looks different on a dreary, sunlight-free day than it does on a typical sunny Texas day. But here are my new all teal music room bookcases… Probably the most shocking thing to you is that I went with an all-neutral scheme for the items on the shelves. I had actually intended to cover all of our books with new pink dust jackets, but I couldn’t find plain pink paper anywhere. I mean, I found scrapbook paper, but that’s not big enough for dust jackets. So for […]

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