Planning The Most Important Thing In My Studio

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I said a few days ago that while I’m excited to get started building my studio cabinets, the two priorities for me were (1) building a desk, and (2) building my workroom table. The desk is done. And oh my gosh, I love it! It’s amazing how much more productive a person can be sitting at a proper desk as opposed to a piece of plywood sitting atop two saw horses. 😀 If you missed the very simple writing desk that I built, you can see how I built it here… How To Build A Simple Writing Desk And you can see how I finished the desktop and painted the base here… My Finished DIY Writing Desk But there is no question that the most important thing going into my studio is my large workroom table. And those of you who have (or have dreamed about having) a huge craft room/sewing room/art studio/drapery workroom know exactly what I’m talking about. I dream about workroom tables. For years now, every time I’ve wanted to sew draperies, I’ve either had to spread out the fabric on the floor, or I’ve set up a full 4′ x 8′ sheet of MDF on saw […]

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